Grothman Discusses House Impeachment Vote

Members of Wisconsin’s House delegation voted along
partisan lines Wednesday for articles of impeachment against President Donald

Like every House Republican, Wisconsin’s Glenn Grothman,
Jim Sensenbrenner, Bryan Steil and Mike Gallagher voted against impeachment.
Meanwhile, Democrats Ron Kind, Mark Pocan and Gwen Moore voted to impeach the

Congressman Grothman called Wednesday “frustrating” and
the vote “predictable”, and tells KFIZ News the whole process is taking away
from getting things accomplished. “And that’s not going to end because we
assume there’s going to be a trial in the senate, which means we’re going to
have another three or four weeks next year talking about  – ‘should President Trump be removed from
office’ – and not talking about the good things that he’s doing.”

The House voted Wednesday 230-197 to charge the President
with Abuse of Power, and 229-198 to charge him with Obstruction of Congress. The
trial in the Senate is expected to happen next month.