Grothman Expects Speedy Impeachment Trial in Senate

Both the U.S. House and Senate remain on their holiday
break until the New Year, but once legislators get back it will be full steam
ahead on a number of issues, including the impeachment trial against President
Trump that’s expected to be held in the Senate next month.

Last week, after the House passed both articles of
impeachment against the President, speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to commit to
when she would send those articles to the senate, making it unclear as to when
that trial would actually begin.

Whenever it does start – Congressman Glenn Grothman says
he expects the trial to go fast, but he tells us it’s just another distraction
from actually getting things accomplished on Capitol Hill. “I would be surprised
if it would go even a month – it might even be less than three weeks,” Grothman
said. “But it will be another three or four weeks in which that’s all their
doing, and when they are dealing with impeachment over in the Senate, they
cannot take up any other legislation.”

Grothman says his main concern is over the USMCA trade
agreement that the house voted on and passed last week. He says any further
delay in finalizing the agreement only hurts the business and agriculture
sectors even more.