Grothman Gains Endorsement Of Local Sheriffs

Congressman Glenn Grothman announced Wednesday he had received the endorsements of Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement officials from within the 6th Congressional District. 

“While the left is demonizing police and standing up for violent protesters, I will never stop standing with those who dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe,” Grothman said.  “I am extremely honored to have the endorsement of the leaders of our local law enforcement agencies throughout the district and I look forward to working with them to help our communities continue to be safe.” Grothman added.  

Grothman also announced the launch of his most recent coalition of supporters, Law Enforcement for Glenn. 10 area Sheriffs will serve as County Chairs in their respective counties, including Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt of Fond du Lac County, Sheriff Dale Schmidt of Dodge County, and Sheriff John Matz of Winnebago County.