Grothman Holds Off Challenge from Dan Kohl

Congressman Glenn Grothman will be holding onto his seat
after defeating Democrat Dan Kohl in the midterm election. The race for the 6th Congressional
District was called by several major news sources with about 80-percent of
precincts in the state reporting – as Grothman led 56-percent to 44-percent. 

Speaking with Grothman after the results went final, he tells us taking on Kohl was a challenge. But he also says the final results are “a relief – we were obviously outspent and it’s always
scary in politics to be outspent. But I think we just had a stronger grassroots
campaign and we think the people of the 6
th Congressional District
have essentially conservative views – so I think it was vindication of our
conservative ideas and vindication of our grassroots approach.”

Grothman went on to thank the voters of the district, and adds that “I love this area – I really think I have the best part of
the state with such strong manufacturing and great physical beauty and such
down to earth people. I only wish we had as down to earth people around the
country as we do in this area.”

Grothman also pointed to his staff for the success he’s had, telling us “a lot of times a successful Congressman really means good
staff and if you ever have any concerns about issues, just stop by our office
there on
Pioneer Road
and you can meet the wonderful staff.”

has represented the district since 2015.