Grothman Optimistic On Results Of Drug Fenofibrate

Last week, research teams
at Israel’s Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, working in conjunction with New
’s Mount Sinai
Medical Center

on COVID-19 treatments and therapeutics, released a study that suggests the
FDA-approved cholesterol drug Fenofibrate, the generic form of the brand name
drug Tricor, may significantly downgrade COVID-19’s severity and symptoms. Congressman
Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) released the following statement after the study was released,
suggested that Fenofibrate may have an impact in fighting COVID-19.

am extremely encouraged with the results of these studies,” 
said Grothman. “These
are the kinds of multi-disciplinary approaches and treatments the federal
government and public health officials should take notice of and be focusing on
instead of simply waiting around for a vaccine to come to fruition. Boosting
our immune system and promoting treatments that slow and prevent the virus from
replicating are approaches that can potentially save lives – right now. During
a global health crisis of this magnitude, we should be exploring every avenue
available to fight the virus and I urge the CDC to actively pursue this lead.”


The medical teams were led
by Hebrew University Professor Ya’acov Nahimas and Sinai’s Dr. Benjamin