Grothman, Other Lawmakers to Hear Pollution Standards Complaints

Congressman Glenn Grothman is bringing the House Oversight and
Government Reform Committee 
to Sheboygan Tuesday to address the impact of pollutants and ozone standards on jobs in the area. 

Grothman says the EPA standards imposed on factories in Sheboygan County are unwarranted – because one air quality monitor set right on the shore of Lake Michigan is picking up particles from other places “and really Sheboygan county’s problem isn’t that there’s a lot of pollution produced in Sheboygan. It’s that pollution comes up from Chicago, the Gary area, and even further south. And when it gets out over Lake Michigan it does cause more ozone a few days out of the year.”

Grothman says another monitor, which is based further inland, gives a more accurate reading of the pollution created in Sheboygan County. He believes the plants in the area do a “great job” of protecting the environment and says they abide by restrictions placed by the EPA.