Grothman to Host Opioid Abuse Roundtable in Oshkosh

Congressman Glenn Grothman is introducing a bill to help fight the opioid epidemic. Grothman says the Responsible Opioid Prescription Act would reform the program with the highest rate of opioid addiction. He says the bill aims to limit distribution of drugs at the source – by aligning prescription guidelines with CDC recommendations. 

He tells us “we’re trying to restrict the amount of prescriptions that are given out to seven day, and then thirty days thereafter. We’ll have exceptions to that, but there’s no question that one of the things that started this epidemic is overprescription.” 

Grothman will be in Oshkosh on Thursday to host a roundtable discussion about opioids. He will be joined by a panel of experts from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Milwaukee High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, local law enforcement, and community leaders.