Grothman Votes in Favor of Robocall Act

Congressman Glenn Grothman cast a vote in favor Wednesday
of the “Stopping Bad Robocalls Act”, a bill that will – among other things –
give people the choice to opt-out of receiving robocalls. The bill passed the House
of Representatives by a 429-to-3 vote. Grothman was one of 67 Republican co-sponsors
to the bill, which was introduced by democratic congressman Frank Pollone. In
addition to the opt-out, the act requires callers to keep detailed records of
who has or has not opted out of robocalls and prevents the callers from getting
around the new rules. The FCC will have up to one year from the time the bill
is signed into law to fully implement the new rules, and will be required to
keep congress updated on those who break the rules. Statistics show that 47.8
billion robocalls were made nationwide in 2018, a 57 percent increase over