Gun-Deer Hunting Season Begins Tomorrow, Hunters Reminded to Watch Out for “Unpredictable” Terrain

The nine-day gun deer hunting season begins tomorrow
morning in Wisconsin, and hunters are reminded to keep an eye out for what the
state Department of Natural Resources is calling a “mixed bag” of landscape and
waterway conditions across the state.

With an early arrival of winter weather to start the month,
followed by a return to somewhat normal temperatures this week, hunters may
encounter saturated ground and unstable ice on ponds, lakes and streams.

DNR Chief Conservation Warden Todd Schaller said hunters
should walk with caution when out on their hunting land, so as to avoid a fall
on slick terrain or a fall through the ice with a gun.

Officials say to not travel in unfamiliar areas, or at
night and to always carry a cell phone and let people know where you are going
and when you will return home. Overall, the DNR says that common sense is the greatest
ally in preventing accidents.