Gun Deer Season Starts Saturday

More than 600,000 hunters will take to the woods tomorrow for the 9-day gun-deer season. Bill Hankee is the DNR Conservation Warden for western Fond du Lac County. He talked about one of the changes, which no longer requires hunters to carry carcass tags. You have to carry some type of approval of your license including a driver’s license; a carcass tag if you printed one up or your Go Wild card. You still have to register your deer online or by calling in the registration number by 5 p.m. the day after you harvest the deer. As for hunter safety Hankee says to remember the four rules of firearm safety or TABK. Treat every firearm as it is loaded, Always point the muzzle in a safe direction, Be sure of your target and what is beyond, and Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until it is safe and your ready to shoot. Hankee also suggests dressing for a cold, wet day which is the forecast for Saturday.