Haase Recognized by International Association of Arson Investigators

Fond du Lac Fire Division Chief Troy Haase is
being recognized as a Certified Fire Investigator by the International
Association of Arson Investigators. The qualification is a standard evaluation
of an investigator’s training and expertise. 

Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says the
qualification takes intelligence and experience to pass. O’Leary tells us 
“the science of fire investigation is one that takes quite a bit of time and it
takes a lot of practitioner skills. In other words, somebody that has a great
deal of knowledge but doesn’t have the practical experience and hasn’t
investigated enough fires would not be able to challenge that exam.”

The added qualification also shows Haase’s
knowledge if he is called in as an expert witness in an arson case. O’Leary
says the recognition is a big deal on a personal level and for the department
as a whole.