Hartford Mayor Could Face Concealed Carry Charges

Formal charges have yet to be filed against the Mayor of Hartford after he allegedly dropped his concealed firearm prior to a Washington County Board meeting.

Hartford Mayor and Washington County Board Supervisor Timothy Michalak was attending a March 9 Board of Supervisors and Administrative Committee meetings, when the firearm he was carrying fell on the floor.

An employee that Michalak was talking to, picked up the firearm thinking it was a cellphone, and gave it back to Michalak.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, a criminal investigation was completed, with charges be referred to the district attorney’s office. The investigation also uncovered an expired Concealed Carry permit in Michalak’s name at the time of the incident.

Under the rules of the law, people with a valid CCW permit can carry a firearm in government buildings, but are not permitted to carry it in public safety buildings.

According to reports, Michalak inferred to detectives that as an elected official, he was under the impression he could concealed carry inside police departments and the sheriff’s office, because he was an elected official.

If the charges are filed, they would be considered misdemeanors. If Michalak is charged and convicted, he could face up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine.