Hazardous Waste Drop Off For City Of FDL Set For July 21

The household hazardous waste drop off for City of Fond du Lac residents has been set for next Tuesday, July 21. This is a free service, and is ONLY for residents within the city limits of Fond du Lac. 

The event will take place at the Municipal Service Center located at 530 Doty St., and will run from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. There will be restrictions in place, due to COVID-19, which include residents remaining in their vehicles, and all items that are being disposed of, should be in your trunk or the bed of a truck. City staff will NOT be allowed to enter any part of the interior of your vehicle, and any resident not following the safety measures will not be allowed to use the service. Call the Municipal Service Center at 322-3544 with any questions. 

Acceptable Items:

Kitchen/Bath Items

  • Aerosol Cans – Floor Care Products – Furniture Polish – Drain Cleaners –Bathroom Cleaners – Bug Sprays – Metal Polish –Oven Cleaners –Tile Cleaners – Disinfectants


  • Gasoline – Oil Mixtures – Auto Repair Products – Transmission Fluid –Paints (Oil& Metal Based) – Other Oils/Cleaners – Antifreeze – Old Gasoline – Brake Fluid – Paint Thinner – Paint Stripper – Varnish


  • Chemical Fertilizers – Photographic Chemicals – Artists’ Paints  – Fluorescent Bulbs – Gun Cleaning Solvents – Fiberglass Epoxy – Thermometers  – Fungicides – Herbicides – Rat Poison – Moth Balls – Pool Chemicals – Thermostats – Mercury

Bring Products that Say:

  • Caution – Toxic – Corrosive – Pesticide – Combustible – Poison – Flammable – Warning – Danger – Reactive

Unacceptable Items:

  • Cylinders (Propane) – Radioactives – Explosives – Biologicals – Medical Waste – Ammunition – Commercial Wastes
  • Latex Paint – Latex paint will not be accepted at this collection event, as it is not a hazardous material. To properly dispose of latex paint, follow the below instructions:
  1. Open the can
  2. Dry or solidify the paint by mixing with Floor Dry, cat litter, or sawdust. If the can is full, you will need to use a secondary container
  3. Dispose of the can and solidified paint in your refuse cart. Please remove the lid.

Important Notice due to COVID-19

For the health and safety of our residents and our staff, participants will not be permitted to exit their vehicles during the event.  Staff is also not permitted to enter the interior of any vehicle to retrieve items that may be placed inside. Please have all items in the trunk or back of a pickup bed. Individuals who do not comply may be refused service.