Health Concerns Around Algae Blooms

As the warm weather sticks around, algae is also staying in local bodies of water. Concerns have been raise around Lake Winnebago as large areas of algae are gathering around shorelines. Some experts say algae usually tends to fade away after Labor Day – but Fond du Lac County Health Director Kim Mueller says that has to do with the weather, which has been a bit warmer than usual. 

She tell us “I would say later in summer before we have some colder spells, we do expect to see blue-green algae in water. So because of the weather patterns we’ve been having recently and how hot it has been, I would expect to see this in our water now. So that, to me, isn’t surprising.”

Mueller adds that “the recommendation is to just stay away from it. If you’re not sure,
and it looks bad – stay out of it is what we really recommend.”

Algae blooms can produce toxins that could make humans sick – or cause irritation to the skin. Mueller also recommends staying away from any water that appears to have a thicker, soup-like consistency.