Health Department Looks for Help in Save A Smile Program

When it comes to our watching our health – our teeth don’t
always make the top of the list. But many people struggle with dental issues.
Sam Twohig from the Fond du Lac County Health Department says people can reach
out for help through the Save a Smile program. 

She tells us “if you have
an urgent dental need  – if you have
medical assistance or the state insurance or are income-eligible, we can guide
you to getting that treatment very quickly as well as give you resources for
finding a regular dentist.”

Twohig adds that there are also services available for kids, “and we are still finding kids every year that have just truly severe, severe dental needs. And these kids are 3, 4, 5 years old – and we’re not talking needing a cleaning or maybe a filling, but true dental surgery to get this treatment controlled. And that is so preventable.”

Twohig says they are working to reach out to parents with
more education and awareness surrounding dental health. The program is also
looking for a little extra help. 

Twohig also says “we do need additional partners within our community to help us out with helping these kids. We were actually approached by a resident that every year, he sells pumpkins and he donates that money to a local charity or group that’s in need and fortunately he selected us this year. Every bit helps, it allows us to help more kids.”