Health Department Offers Discounted Well Testing

After storms last week backed up sewers and caused flooding around the area – it may be a good idea to get your wells tested for E. Coli. Director Kim Mueller tells us the Fond du Lac County Health Department is offering a discount for people to have private wells tested for bacteria. 

Mueller explains, “we’re offering bacteria testing that, normally, the cost is $22 and we’re discounting that all the way down to five dollars. We want a little bit of skin in the game so people bring that water bottle back so we can get that tested.”

Mueller encourages anyone who may have concerns over their well water to contact the Health Department. She says “if people think their wells were affected from last week,
as well as this week – we’re getting lots of rain – so potentially more chance
of flooding. If you think your well is at all affected, we would love to test
it for bacteria and make sure it’s safe.”

Residents can also pick up testing kits at the Oakfield and Eden Community Centers – and the Campbellsport Fire Department.