Health Department Receiving Increased Calls About Bats

Officials at the Fond du Lac County Health Department say they’ve been getting an increasing number of calls regarding contact between bats and pets or humans. Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says, “When people or their pets have been exposed to a bat, there is potential exposure to rabies, so we want to be sure residents understand how to protect themselves and their pets.” Among her recommendations are making sure your dogs’ and cats’ rabies vaccines are up to date. To safely remove a bat its’ recommended you wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants, and leather work gloves. Find a sturdy box or container large enough to hold the bat and a piece of cardboard big enough to fit over the opening of the container. Put the container over the bat, and then slide the piece of cardboard between the bat and the surface it landed on. Securely tape the cardboard to the container. If the bat needs to be submitted for testing, place it in a cool location, but don’t freeze it. If you are bitten it is important to seek medical advice and treatment. For more information about rabies contact your local veterinarian or the Health Department at 929-3085 or click here