Health Department Recommends Getting Flu Shot by the End of October

As the weather begins to get a bit colder – flu season is set to return as well. Joyce Mann from the Fond du Lac County Health Department says getting a flu shot earlier rather than later might be a good idea. 

She tells us “we really encourage all residents to get their flu vaccine before the end of October because just like the first snowfall, it’s very hard to predict when influenza disease will start circulating in our community. So the best protection is to get your flu shot.”

Mann adds that “the important thing is get it and get it now. It does take about two weeks for your flu vaccine to build up immunity. And that way you’re ready whether it starts early this year or starts a little later.”

Mann also expressed concern about the rise in hospitalizations related to the flu, pointing out that “in Fond du Lac County alone last year we had more than one-hundred hospitalizations for influenza, including some children.  So it’s really important to think about all ages, and that’s one of the reasons that every year we offer influenza vaccines in the schools. We will start that about October 15th.”