Health Officials Continue Investigation into Adenovirus Cases on College Campuses

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services continues to
investigate multiple cases of adenovirus on college campuses around the state.
Infections caused by the virus most commonly cause respiratory illness,
diarrhea or pink eye – but in some rare cases can cause pneumonia or death.

Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says
adenovirus tends to spread in places where large groups are found. “This
outbreak happening on a college campus is not uncommon,” Mueller said. “If you
think about dormitories, there are a lot of kids in dormitories, or classrooms –
so that tends to be where it more commonly circulates and it’s very contagious.”

Mueller tells us that adenovirus cannot be treated by
antibiotics. She recommends that people with symptoms see a doctor, stay home
from work or school and practice good hygiene – like washing your hands and
covering coughs and sneezes – to prevent It from spreading.