Health Officials Continue to Investigate Hospitalizations Linked to Vaping

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services continues to
investigate multiple cases of teenagers and young adults being hospitalized
with severe lung disease that’s been connected to vaping. 11 hospitalizations
have been reported, with another seven cases under investigation. Sandy
Bernier, Tobacco Control Program Coordinator with the Fond du Lac County Health
Department explains their efforts begin with education. “Locally, we’re working with
schools and giving them a lot of educational information,” Bernier said. “We’re
working with them on their school policies so that their updated, and the
language is clear and concise and that they are including electronic smoking
devices and not just the word ‘nicotine’, because we know other substances can
be used.”

Bernier says that schools are not the only “access point”
for teens and young adults to vaping and electronic smoking devices, as the
pods and cartridges are available in many different places – including online. People
that have ended up in the hospital have reported symptoms of fatigue, chest
pain, shortness of breath, cough and weight loss. Health officials add that its
not known whether there will be long-term health effects.

People are encouraged to visit to learn
more about e-cigarette and vaping products.