Heavy Rains Cause Headaches In FDL Area

Heavy rains made for an
interesting ride home for a great many people Wednesday. Storms rolled through
late yesterday afternoon, bringing a ton of rain, and leaving a number of
motorists stranded. Tow trucks were busy retrieving cars on Guindon Blvd, and
on South Main near Pioneer Rd. The heavy rain even shut down Highway 41 near the
Military Rd.
and Hickory St.
exits. Traffic was back to normal after about a 6 hour delay. There were numerous reports of manhole covers out of place because of the rain, and while there were dozens of reports of flooded basements, there were no reports of serious damage caused by the winds that came with the storm. One look around the city this morning, and you’ll see sump pumps getting a work
out for the next few days. A quick peek at the forecast, and we look dry for
the better part of the next week.