Henschel Top Vote Getter In School Board Race

The Fond du Lac School board will maintain somewhat of a same look following Tuesday’s election. Dr. Susan Jones and Linda Uselmann retained their seats on the board.

Jones is the current School Board president and has been a board member since 1997, while Uselmann is the current Board Secretary and Clerk. Both trailed in total votes to the newest member of the board, Mark Henschel, who grabbed 4.554 votes.

Henschel tells KFIZ News he was hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. “I knew there was a lot of activity going on, but you just never know. Definitely humbled and excited about the opportunity.” Henschel said there are some key items to get to work on. “I think there’s a lot of opportunity. We have a new superintendent coming in so we need to understand their management style, but overall there’s some work to do. We want to improve our schools and improve what we’re doing well and build upon those items that we need to improve upon.”

Jones just barely edged out Joe Guyette for the third and final spot on the board, winning by 17 votes 3,996-3,979.