Heritage Ridge Travel Plaza And Wild Goose Café

Waupun City Administrator and Economic Development Director Kathy Schlieve says the Heritage Ridge Travel Plaza and Wild Goose Café will contribute to economic development in the City.  Schlieve says there are really four operations that are going to run under that one rooftop. She says, “So they are going to have a restaurant and catering operation, so that’s two and the convenience store and then a travel plaza.” It will feature Eden Meats and their catering services. She believes it will create another meaningful entry point into the City. She also feels it will give truckers coming up the 151 corridor a good destination point. She says, “There has been a lot of debate and report around where trucks can actually park for that rest period that they need to be down and this is going to create some opportunity for that so we do think it is going to be good overall.” The Heritage Ridge Travel Plaza and Wild Goose Café is along the Highway 151 corridor at the State Highway 26 interchange.