Heroin Investigation Announcement Intended To Do Some Good

Fond du Lac County Deputy District Attorney Dennis Krueger says they had some good reasons for announcing arrests in a major drug investigation. He says they want people to stop using heroin, they want people to stop dying from overdose deaths, and they want to stop drugs from coming into the community and causing the havoc that it does. Ten people were taken into custody and another is being sought who are believed to be responsible for selling $1 million worth of heroin in the area over the past two years. Fond du Lac Police Captain Pat McKeough says heroin is responsible for a lot of property crime they deal with. He says about 80 to 85 percents of the complaints they get for thefts, strong armed and armed robberies and burglaries is due to someone trying to feed a drug habit. Krueger says one defendant allegedly told investigators he had to cut back on the heroin he was supplying because arrests were impacting supplies and people were quitting and turning to treatment because of lack of availability.