High Number Of Speeding Tickets Forces Proposed Court Changes By Judge Grimm

An increase in the high number of 25+ tickets issued in Fond du Lac County has created the need for proposed implementation of more severe penalties by Circuit Court Judge Peter Grimm.

Grimm handles Branch 2 of the Circuit Court, and is set to retire July 31 of 2022.

In a press release issued over the weekend, Grimm said the new policy is being implemented based on a couple of things. He said he has seen more and more tickets given out to younger motorists driving more than 25 mph over the speed limit.

Grimm also said there’s been a lack of consistency in the length of suspensions for drivers who receive tickets for driving 25+, and he felt the need to address it before he retires.

“…many drivers do not come to court, and receive a suspension as recommended by the prosecutor (at times as recommended by the court officer to the prosecutor). If there were guidelines then a driver who chooses not to come to court would at least know the possible likely outcome. When a driver does come to court there is an on the record discussion of the facts, and I then would make a decision. If the driver got an attorney, then the prosecutor and defense attorney has always submitted a joint agreement with an agreed upon outcome. Looking at outcomes across each above scenario, they have not been consistent over the 30 years, also in large part due to the variability of recommendations by the hardworking, ethical, and excellent prosecutors assigned to my Branch (Crowley, Edelstein, Filipa, Mortier, Tenerelli, Toney) to handle initial traffic ticket cases in the Intake Court.”

Judge Grimm also noted that Judges have guidelines for OWI cases which includes how long the revocation/suspension of licenses should be, and believes it is time to apply that to 25+ cases as well.

Guidelines utilized with discretion to decrease or increase penalties based on the specific facts of the case will increase the public’s confidence that the courts are treating drivers fairly regardless of: whether they come to court or not; who the prosecutor or judge happens to be in court that day; whether they get an attorney or not; and from what county or State they are from as those drivers have falsely claimed that they are treated more harshly.

Grimm said he has shared the guidelines to the Fond du Lac District Attorney and the Fond du Lac County Law Enforcement Assn. for their information. If the guidelines are successful, Grimm will propose that the 5 judges of the Fond du Lac County Circuit Court consider adopting guidelines for 25+ speeding tickets for the Circuit Court. The guidelines would then be posted outside pf the Branch 2 courtroom, and on the Clerk of Courts Website if possible.