High Speed Pursuits

Two officials with the State Patrol say they train for high speed pursuits, but it is a little different when it comes to actually being in one. State Troopers were involved in several high speed pursuits across the state this past week including one that culminated at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh where a 56-year-old Manitowoc man crashed through a gate and ended up between two runways. Sergeant Luke Newman says he was the duty supervisor that day and had to manage that pursuit from a distance. He says when you are involved in a chase your adrenaline starts pumping. He says for the newer troopers they sometimes terminate pursuit because they are not calm enough to take care of business. Inspector Scott Hlinak says you have to relay a lot of information while you’re pursuing a vehicle and it helps if a veteran dispatcher calmly walks you through it. Both Newman and Hlinak have been involved in high speed pursuits during their careers.