High Voter Turnout Expected for Midterm Election

There are six days until the midterm elections – but voters
around Fond du Lac
are already making
their voices heard. County Clerk Lisa Freiberg
tells us there have been a lot of absentee ballots already submitted for the
upcoming election. 

She tells us that “absentee, whether it’s
mail or in-person turnout has been incredibly high for a midterm election.
Definitely seeing a lot of people with interest wanting to get out to absentee
vote, and make sure their vote is there on Election Day.”

Freiberg is expecting a lot of people to show up and cast ballots on Tuesday as well. She anticipates “that
it will be a large turnout – larger than I’ve seen for a midterm election. I’m
not sure, it may surpass – it’s looking around like that 2016 presidential
turnout. I’m not sure if it’s going to make it that high.”

She also says the last few weeks have been a bit different than recent
elections. Freiberg says 
“I’m seeing a lot of
people that are re-registering, meaning they became inactive on the poll books
and seeing that a lot of them, the last time they voted was during the recall
election. So seeing a lot of interesting scenarios being put into play for this