Highway 23 Aerial Patrols Will Have An Impact

A Sergeant with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department expects aerial patrols by the State Patrol to help cut down on speeding and reckless driving on State Highway 23 east of Fond du Lac. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Sergeant Eric Halbach says it is the impatient driver that is causing the more serious accidents. “The big thing out on Highway 23 is that it is not the one or two cars speeding it is the cars that are passing two, three, four cars at a time that’s causing these bad accidents, these dangerous situations.” Halbach is confident the presence of extra patrols will be noticeable and have an impact. “You’re going to see a big presence I guess you should say. Just think of the normal times we are out there if we have two City of Fond du Lac officers, two Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s officers, two from Sheboygan County, and then you’re going to add state troopers to that area too so I think we are really going to get our message across.” Halbach says Sheriff’s deputies have seen a lot of bad accidents on Highway 23 that have been caused by speeding and caused by people passing in no passing zones or when it is not safe to pass.