Highway 41 Truck Bill Passes House On To The Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives Monday passed a bill introduced by Representatives Tom Petri and Reid Ribble that will grandfather in heavier trucks once Highway 41 becomes an interstate next year.  “I’m pleased we were able to move this important legislation along so that trucks currently using the road can continue to use it once it becomes a part of the Interstate system,” said Petri, who is the chairman of the House Highways and Transit Subcommittee.  “And I’m glad that we have the bipartisan cooperation of the Wisconsin delegation and our two Senators.” “Highway 41 is a huge part of our regional economy and millions of dollars in commerce depend on a fully-functioning road,” Petri continued.   Under federal law, trucks over 80,000 lbs. in gross vehicle weight cannot operate on Interstate highways.  Many have raised concerns that this federal weight limit would harm the local economy in Wisconsin and pose safety risks for communities because oversized trucks would be forced to use local roadways. Governor Scott Walker issued a statement yesterday commending the effort.