Highway Commissioner Addresses 23 Expansion Project

Summertime means work time to improve roads and highways around Fond du Lac County. But one major project is still up in the air – as expansion on Highway 23 remains a hot topic. 

County Highway Commissioner Tom Janke hopes things get done sooner rather than later. He tells us “well known are the accidents that occur out there. My opinion is if you’re going to do this project, let’s do it right. And if you’re going to spend that type of dollars, and yes, obviously it’s a large dollar amount when you start looking at all of the alternatives. But let’s get this one done right – right off the bat and do a four lane expansion and be done with it.”

A re-drafted version of the environmental document that froze construction on the project in 2015 – along with other information – has been turned over for federal approval.

Janke adds that “hopefully they made a clear re-draft of the environmental document to get this thing approved and moved forward. And time will tell, but hopefully the environmental that put a stop to it just realizes that enough is enough and there have been enough fatalities and enough arguments over this. And in most cases the public wants this.”

The construction could begin as early as next summer if the four-lane expansion proposal is approved.