Hilbert Man Sentenced For Accident That Killed Two Motorcyclists

(Update 2/7/14 3:30 a.m.)-A packed Fond du Lac County courtroom sat in on the sentencing Thursday for a 27-year-old Hilbert man who crossed over the center line on Highway 151 and struck a group of motorcyclists resulting in the deaths of two and injuries for seven others. Among those present in the courtroom was Eric Van Dam a Michigan man who lost his leg in the accident when Clinton Lovelace struck them. Van Dam was hoping Judge Gary Sharpe would give Lovelace 12 years in prison, he got eight plus 15 years of extended supervision and 7 years of probation. District Attorney Eric Toney was asking for 20 years in prison, but says they are more concerned for the victims and their families who continue to suffer. Lovelace took oxycodone the day of the accident, but not enough to show impairment in blood tests. Judge Sharpe says given that lack of evidence they have to assume he fell asleep at the wheel or lost consciousness when the tragedy occurred on May 31st of 2012.

(2/6/14 3:30 p.m.)-The 27-year-old Hilbert man who ran into a
group of motorcyclists from Michigan on Highway 151 in Fond du Lac County has
been sentenced. Clinton Lovelace ended up killing two of them and injuring 6
others and himself in that May 31st 2012 accident when he crossed over the
center line. Today Judge Gary Sharpe sentenced him to 8 years in prison, 15
years of extended supervision and 7 years of probation. Sharpe said the District
Attorney’s office was unable to prove Lovelace was impaired when the accident
occurred that he was more likely asleep or unconscious at the wheel.
Lovelace took oxcodone that day that wasn’t perscribed to him, but couldn’t
recall taking it. It showed up in blood tests, but not at a level of impairment.
Judge Sharpe called it the most challenging case in the brief time he has been a
judge. Afterwards Eric Van Dam, who lost a leg in the accident, said he was
hoping the judge would at least sentence Lovelace to 12 years in prison.Daniel
Winsemius and Douglas Younkers died from injuries suffered in the crash.