Holyland Flyers Annual Event Happens Saturday, Feb. 1st

It’s going to be a fairly mild day for the annual Holy Land Flyers Vintage Piston Burners Winter Show and Ride the Sno Bol. 

The event has turned into a hit for locals and visitors alike, with almost 2000 folks attending last year. It kicks off at 8:00 am Saturday morning (2/1/20) at Kiekhafer  Park Aeromarine Sno Bol, located on Kiefhafer Parkway, just 2 miles north of the Hwy 151/WH intersection. 

Cross Country Skiing, Tubing, and Meat and Bucket Raffles are just some of the events you’ll be able to take part in. And enjoy food and refreshments inside the heated tent. You can find out more information at www.holylandflyers.com.