Hope For Former Boca Grande Properties In Ripon

City officials in Ripon have an economic development opportunity that might undo some of the damage done by the failed Boca Grande venture in downtown Ripon. Fond du Lac County supervisors got a preview during a closed session of the County Board last month. County Executive Al Buechel says the developers would redevelop some of the former Boca Grande  properties. He says the City of Ripon picked up ownership of the tax delinquent properties at the end of 2015. He says it would likely involve tearing down buildings and putting up something in their place. Buechel says some of those properties are in bad shape. He says they tried to preserve the historic integrity of those buildings. He says sitting empty for several years didn’t help. He says you start getting mold and deterioration in them. He says the developers have a good program, they have done in other communities and they intend to do it in Ripon.