Hope For The Future Of NFDL Football

Although North Fond du Lac had to cancel its varsity football season, there is room for hope. District Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says they do have active participation in their football programs, but won’t be able to field a high school varsity team. He says they have 4th through 6th grade football, middle school football, and JV football too, just no varsity team this year. He says they still have four juniors playing, and one senior came back to help coach, but with 13 juniors and seniors and 6 that had never played football, they didn’t have enough for a varsity team. Sadoff says they should have enough players for a varsity team in the next year or two and they should have a better team at that time. He says their goal is to get 15 people at each grade level and currently they have 14 freshmen and 11 sophomores. He says if they have success at that level it creates interest in more people coming out for the sport. He says he is confident Head Coach Todd Whitaker and his staff will do great things. He says over the past few years they brought up freshmen and sophomore players just to have enough players to field a varsity squad.