Horace Mann Seniors Win Idea Challenge

Photo: Sterba and Spittel talking about their idea at an open house for the INCubatorEDU at Horace Mann High School

A pair of seniors at Horace Mann High School in North Fond du Lac are still working on their concept that won the Idea Challenge competition. Kaytlin Sterba and Jasmine Spittel came up with a spray paint and a reflective pair of sunglasses that make a golf ball glow – making it easier to find a ball after a bad shot. They say it may have won an idea challenge – but they’re pushing to turn it into a reality. 

“The material you see at night when you’re driving past a stop sign and it reflects so you can see. Or like the yellow vests you see when there’s a biker at night.  We’re going to take that kind of material and turn it into a spray, and we’re in contact with Krylon and Seymour Spray Paint company to try and develop that as soon as we can.”

The competition became part of the curriculum in a marketing class the girls took at the high school. The project finished with “Shark Tank” style environment – where they had five minutes to explain their idea to a panel of judges. 

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