Hot & Humid Weather Overspread the Area on Friday

The heat topped the headlines on Friday, with the Fond du
Lac area under an Excessive Heat Warning for much of the day – with heat
advisories in place to the north. As we begin the day today, Dodge County and Washington
County remain under the Excessive Heat Warning until 8 pm tonight. Friday’s
high temperature at the Fond du Lac airport reached 92 degrees, with a heat
index of 108. In western and southwest parts of the state, highs were in the middle-to-upper
90s, with heat index readings in the 110s to 120s in some locations. La Crosse
reported a high temperature Friday of 97 and a peak heat index of 117 degrees.
Lone Rock reached 92 with a heat index of 112, and Mineral Point reported a
heat index of 121 degrees at 4 pm Friday afternoon.