How Ice Shove At FDL Yacht Club Was Dealt With

The Commodore of the Fond du Lac Yacht Club says one of their biggest concerns about the ice shove that surrounded their building this weekend was the people climbing up on it to take pictures. Jim Meisinger says they shut off the electricity, water and gas to the building in the event the shove knocked the building off it foundation. He says there was no damage to the building. They called L & H Gyr Excavating late Friday night to bring in an excavator and boom to remove some of the ice that was over 16 feet high and came up to the roof of the building. Andrew Peters operated that piece of equipment. He says after they got it off of the trailer he actually went up on the shove and began whittling it down to size. Smaller equipment was used Saturday to do more clean up. A video posted online of the ice shove and photos earned the Yacht Club a mention on ABC’s Good Morning America Saturday. (Photos courtesy L & H Gyr Excavating and Fond du Lac Yacht Club)

Yacht Club Saturday following clean up.