Huber Privileges Blasted By Mayville Mayor, Sheriff Says Nothing Out Of Line

The Mayor of Mayville condemns the decision. The Dodge County Sheriff says it’s the decision of the judge. In either case, lots of discussion has been had recently in the case of former Mayville police officer Mark Forster who was sentenced to nine months in jail with work release privileges. 

Mayville Mayor Rob Boelk took to social media and voiced his displeasure on the decision to place Forster on home confinement. Sheriff Dale Schmidt then issued a press release late Tuesday, saying COVID-19 has impacted operations greatly at the Dodge County Jail, with one of the changes being limiting the number of inmates in and out of the building on a daily basis. Schmidt said taking the steps they have, lowers the exposure rate in the jail, which to date, has not seen any positive tests for COVID-19. 

Schmidt also said the Huber privileges granted Forster were put in place by the judge in the case, given he was convicted of non-violent, low-level felonies. Mayor Boelk blasted the decision, calling it “unbelievable”. Sheriff Schmidt went on to say that Forster received no special treatment, and that the matter was handled internally the same as any under the same circumstances.