Humane Society Shelter Reopened

The Fond du Lac Humane Society reopened the doors of its shelter Monday at noon. The shelter has been closed for a couple of weeks while officials dealt with the highly contagious Parvovirus, which can be fatal for dogs. In fact 9 puppies, 3 labs and 6 pit bulls, died from the disease. Two areas of the shelter are still quarantined for sick puppies, but 40 dogs in the main kennel have gotten clean bills of health. Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says her department has had a limited role in the quarantine. She says mainly they wanted to reassure the public that Parvovirus isn’t something that affects humans. She says for shelter employees keeping the disease in check has been a full time effort. Mueller says distemper shots will prevent puppies from getting Parvovirus. She says that vaccine has to be given when the puppies are 6 weeks old, 8 weeks old and 12 weeks old.