Hunter Loses Two Deer in Confrontation with Landowner

A hunter lost two deer on Tuesday – after they traveled onto private property before dying. The landowner said he would rather “leave them to rot” than let the hunter take them home.
The 44-year old Van Dyne man had permission to hunt on the land near the Eldorado Wildlife Area in Fond du Lac County – but both deer he shot ended up fleeing onto private property owned by a 67-year old Fond du Lac man. That man claimed the deer were shot across the fence line, and that the hunter was trespassing.
The landowner also apparently threatened the man while on the property of a nearby business, where he was reportedly swearing and physically pushing the hunter.
A sheriff’s deputy was able to follow blood trails and confirm that first blood was drawn on the property the hunter had permission to be on. The deer were both found dead a mere foot over the fence line.
The gun deer season runs through Sunday.