Hunting and Tree Stand Safety Reminders

We are well into the bow hunting season, and just under a
month away from the gun deer season in Wisconsin
– and local law enforcement is reminding hunters to use safe practices. With
modern technology and equipment, Fond
du Lac

Lieutenant of Detectives Cameron McGee says there is no excuse to not be
secured in a harness when getting into a tree stand. 

McGee says a harness is important for safety, “so if you slip or you fall, you’re not
going to fall very far at all – you have a very high chance of being able to right
yourself, get back on your climbing sticks or back into your stand and continue
on with your hunt, as opposed to falling to the ground. Every year, somebody
goes up into a stand, they don’t have a safety harness on, and they fall – and
those injuries can be very devastating if not fatal.”

McGee adds that “with the freezing temperatures comes the good thing of goodbye mosquitoes, and we’re not going to miss them – which is going to bring more of us back out into the woods. People have their tree stands up and I would just check those stands very closely, make sure your cables are tied on properly, make sure the tree stand is properly attached to the tree, your climbing sticks are all in good, safe working order.”

Wisconsin’s bow hunting season lasts through January 6th. The gun deer season runs from
November 17
th through the 25th