Hwy 23 Project May Look Different

Decisions made by a federal judge could change the look of the Highway 23 expansion project between Fond du Lac and Plymouth going forward. State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt attended a public meeting the DOT held on the project last week in Fond du Lac. He feels the DOT is taking a back to the chalkboard approach. He says to get federal funding the state will also have to meet Judge Lynn Adelman’s expectations for the highway. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says if any work is done on the highway next year it will likely be on the eastern end of the project as first planned. He’d rather see it start on the Fond du Lac end where they need to replace a bridge to ensure the safety of all of the students going in and out of the St. Mary’s Springs Academy campus. He believes if the state does a four lane highway they won’t be paving four new lanes, but using the existing lanes as well.