Hwy 45 Jurisdictional Transfer In FDL Should Happen This Summer

Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says a jurisdictional transfer of a section of Highway 45 in the City from the state to the City hasn’t been signed yet. The City Council approved the transfer already, but Skiff says the DOT is trying to arrange a similar agreement with the County for the area of Highway 45 south of the City. He says there will be a change in signage after the transfer occurs. He says it will happen sometime this summer with the sign changes coming this fall when the Highway 151 and County Highway V interchange opens up. Meanwhile he says the DOT offered to continue to do some surveying and design work for the City, which included a section of North Main Street from Merrill to Johnson Street. He says that’s why they had to make a decision about a possible roundabout at Merrill and Main. The City Council decided this week it didn’t want the roundabout.