Ice Conditions Become Interesting On ‘Bago

Warm temps and gusty winds continue to make for interesting ice conditions on Lake Winnebago.

Don Herman owns Sunk? Dive and Ice Service, and issued an updated ice report for the Oshkosh area via Facebook Monday.

“Otter St., what we did there is we pulled a bridge, so if you go out that way, the Asylum Bay bridge is pulled.”

Herman did say they will try to keep the other bridges in place as long as they can.

“We’re going to try and keep the bridges open, but we have rain coming this weekend, but there’s still 22 inches of ice out here. We’ll be moving the bridges again off of Merritt St. The shoreline is getting a little bad, so we might have to use the other landing at Merritt St., because the city put some water out here.”

With a mixture of sun, rain, wind and relatively warm temps to start out the month of March, Herman also issued this warning. “Be safe. And remember, the ice is never 100% safe.”