Illinois Man Sentenced For Babys Death In FDL

Fond du Lac County Judge Dale English has sentenced a 30-year-old Bellwood, Illinois man to 65 years in prison for a killing a 14-month-old boy and injuring the infant’s twin brother. English took exception to accusations in letters he received from Griffin’s mother and grandmother that Daniel Griffin didn’t get a fair trial and that some of the judge’s rulings were based on race. English said color never entered any of his decisions on evidence and testimony used during the trial. District Attorney Eric Toney agrees that Griffin got a fair trial. He says there is no doubt in his mind that a fair trial occurred. Toney also agreed with the sentence, which will include 35 years of extended supervision should Griffin live long enough to be released from prison. Griffin maintained his innocence during a statement during the sentencing Wednesday. His lawyer will be appealing the case. Griffin was found guilty of standing on both baby boys, killing one of them when he and the babies’ mother visited Fond du Lac in July of 2015.