Improperly Disposed Smoking Materials Cause Of Downtown FDL Fire

Another case of improperly disposed of smoking material appears to be the cause of a fire in downtown Fond du Lac.

The call came in Monday (5/2/2022) just before 5:30 p.m. to 20 Forest Ave (Empire Building) for a report of flames visible.

The fire was contained to a section of the exterior wall near the Forest Ave. entrance doors. Witnesses said the fire was in the walls and there were small flames coming out of the flashing between the marble of the building and the window.

Fond du Lac Fire Rescue personnel ventilated the entire building, and once the smoke was cleared the occupants were allowed back into the building.

The FDL Fire Investigator determined the fire originated from improper discarded smoking materials in the front window area of the building.

Interim Fire Chief Erick Gerritson issued a statement late Monday, saying “It’s imperative that smoking materials be fully extinguished and placed in an appropriate fire-proof receptacle.”

Gerritson also said this was at least the fourth confirmed fire over the past two weeks, due to improperly discarded smoking materials.

(Photos courtesy of Roxanne Abler who owns Roxanne Elise Photography on the ground floor of the Empire Building.)