Improvements Being Made To North Entrance Of FDL City County Government Center

Work is underway for a new entrance on the north end of the Fond du Lac City-County Government Center. County Executive Al Buechel says it will include an elevator and security check point. He says they have no plans to man that security check point at this time, but they can use it if the need arises. He says from the ground level the new entrance will incorporate the full first floor and it will be 60 feet wide by 30 feet deep. He says it will come out to the sidewalk. The new entrance will have sliding doors with an option inside to walk up the stairs or take the elevator up to the first floor. Buechel says they just brought the first floor restrooms up to code to fully meet the needs of the handicapped. He says there will be a couple other improvements with the new entrance. Doors to the meeting rooms have been replaced and there will be an information center including a TV screen with information on the day’s activities and where they will be held in the building. He says the improvements come to over $560,000 and should be completed by the end of July.