Inattentive Cooking Cause Of Waupun Fire

Waupun Fire Crews were called out late Tuesday evening for an apartment fire in the 1100 block of Rock Avenue in Waupun.

At 9:50 p.m. Tuesday (9/21/21), Waupun Fire Crews responded to a report of a structure fire. Upon arrival, smoke was visible coming from the entry doors to the building and tenants indicated there was a fire in a first-floor kitchen.

As evacuation of the building continued, firefighters were able to locate the apartment and put out the remaining hotspots. The apartment tenant used a fire extinguisher prior to the fire department’s arrival which helped contain the fire damage to the kitchen. The rest of the apartment sustained smoke damage.    

Crews used ventilation fans to clear smoke out of the building and all tenants were able to return to their apartments with the exception of the unit which sustained the fire. 1 person was displaced and was able to find lodging. After completing the investigation, unattended cooking was determined to be the cause of the fire.

Agencies assisting last night’s call included fire departments from Alto and Brandon-Fairwater, the Waupun Police Department and Lifestar Ambulance.