Incident Involving Student and a Gun Forces Lockdown at Oshkosh North High School

An Oshkosh
North High
student is being treated at a hospital
after concerns over his “erratic behavior” and a report of a gun feared to be
missing from his home forced the school into lockdown Thursday morning.

Police Chief Dean Smith says the sophomore was not armed when he went to school
Thursday – and no guns were determined to be missing from the home. The 16-year
old’s mother spoke to a school social worker on Wednesday with concerns about
his behavior – and that he had shot an AR-15-style rifle at the family’s
property in the Town of Oshkosh. The
social worker and a resource officer told her to report the behavior to the
Sheriff’s Office, which she reportedly did not do prior to the lockdown.

responded to the school and his home – but eventually had to track down his
cellphone to find out where he was. Investigators are working to figure out why
he left school after showing up Thursday morning.