Income Tax Filing Deadline Fast Approaching

The deadline to file your income taxes is almost here. The
Wisconsin Department of Revenue is reminding people who have not yet filed
their income tax returns that returns must be received or postmarked by midnight
on Monday, April 15th. Department of Revenue Secretary Peter Barca
says the department processes around three million returns each year. “Around a
half-million returns came in the last two weeks. Our season total now stands at
2.3 million, so activity has been brisk,” Barca said. “We’re anticipating
another half-million taxpayers to file in the coming days, and we expect the
rest will likely file for extension.” If you haven’t yet filed your taxes and
need an extension, that must be filed with the IRS by April 15th to
avoid late penalties. Answers to questions about filing your tax return can be found here, or by calling the DOR’s customer service line at 608-266-2772
between 7:45 AM & 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.